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Connecting to Facebook

Making Your Facebook Fundraiser Successful

Once you’ve connected your Fundraiser, how can you make it successful?

  • Upload a custom cover photo that illustrates your connection to the cause. The cover photo is the largest asset that will be displayed on your fundraiser, so use this space wisely!
  • Make sure to like and comment on your friends’ and family members’ donations as they come in. Showing your appreciation for donors in real-time will have a positive effect on fundraising.
  • Invite your friends! When you set up your Facebook fundraiser, you can select Facebook friends to invite to contribute.
  • Share your progress! Mid-way through reaching your goal, when you hit big milestones, and when you reach your goal, share your fundraiser again, thanking everyone who has donated.
  • Increase your goal: if you find that you have reached your fundraising goal before your event, you can increase it on Facebook!

Facebook Fundraising FAQs

Which types of events have the Facebook Fundraiser feature available?

The Facebook Fundraisers integration comes equipped on all programs and events with a Blackbaud website, including: Relay for Life, Making Strides, Real Men Wear Pink, as well as Active, Community, and Endurance events. Facebook Fundraisers are not currently available on the Greater Giving or Crowdrise platforms.

As staff or volunteer chair, what is my role?

To promote this tool to your participants, encourage them to go to their dashboard and connect their fundraiser to Facebook.

If participants or donors for my event have questions, what should I do?

Most commonly asked questions are answered below to assist you with answering frequently asked questions. If you still need help, staff should open a ticket at, and participants can call 1.800.227.2345 for assistance. Donors should contact Facebook support directly for donation related questions.

How do I use this feature?

Once you sign up on your event website, you can connect your Fundraiser to Facebook right through your dashboard.

Dashboard Screenshot

What if I have already created a fundraiser on Facebook?

Participants with Facebook Fundraisers not connected to their dashboard will have to close the fundraiser and connect their fundraising by logging into the dashboard and creating a new Facebook fundraiser.

How do I know if my Facebook Fundraiser is connected to my dashboard?

If your Facebook Fundraiser is successfully connected to your dashboard, you will see a link telling you Your Fundraiser is Connected to Facebook

Dashboard Screenshot

What happens to any money that was raised on a Facebook Fundraiser not connected to my dashboard?

Contact your staff partner. Staff are encouraged to add donations as offline unconfirmed donations through the EMC.

Can I go directly to Facebook to create my Facebook fundraiser?

No, you must log in to your dashboard to create and connect your fundraiser to Facebook.

Will my event get credit for funds raised through Facebook Fundraisers?

Yes, if a participant creates their Facebook Fundraiser through their dashboard, the event automatically get credit.

However, if a participant creates a Facebook Fundraiser not connected to the dashboard, your event will not be credited.

How will these donations appear on my website?

Donations received through Facebook Fundraiser will come through as an online donation, just like any other donation received through the event website.

How will these donations show up on my honor roll?

Donations will appear with the recognition name of Facebook Fundraisers.

What does my Facebook Fundraiser look like when I connect to my dashboard?

You’ll see an event photo, and your personal page story. Once you create your fundraiser you can customize your photo and story.

Will my fundraising totals (and progress) increase as I receive donations on my personal page and Facebook Fundraiser?

Yes! Both your personal page and Facebook Fundraiser will display totals of ALL donations received.

Why don’t my Luminaria donations appear in my Facebook Fundraiser totals?

Luminaria donations use a different type of donation form, which can’t be linked to Facebook, so any donation amount from Luminaria will not show in your overall Facebook Fundraising total.

How long does it take my progress wheel to update?

The progress wheel on your personal page and on your Facebook Fundraiser update within an hour of a new donation occurring in either system.

How does a Facebook fundraiser close?

Facebook Fundraisers close 60-days post event or when the event website closes. Participants can also close their fundraiser at any time through Facebook.

What if I still need help with my Facebook Fundraiser?

Participants can call 1.800.227.2345 for assistance. Donors should contact Facebook support directly for donation related questions and support.

How do donors get a receipt?

Donors will receive an on screen thank you, an email receipt from Facebook, and donors can always view their payment history in Facebook.

What if a donor needs a refund?

The donor should contact Facebook to issue a refund, or they can contact ACS at 800.227.2345

What if a donor is having trouble completing a donation to a Facebook Fundraiser?

Donors should contact Facebook support directly for donation related questions and support.

If you need more help, please email us at [email protected]

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Data Last Updated 3/8/2023
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