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Top 10 Events By FB $ Raised

RMWP Greater Cincinnati, OH$1,895
RMWP Baton Rouge, LA$1,885
RMWP Hudson Valley, NY$1,825
RMWP West Michigan, MI$1,765
RMWP Virginia, VA$1,665
RMWP Portland, OR$1,485
RMWP Palm Beach, FL$1,439
RMWP North Mississippi, MS$1,405
RMWP Heart of Illinois, IL$1,365
RMWP Utah, UT$1,340

Top 10 Events By FB Dashboard Activation %

RMWP Milwaukee, WI67%
RMWP Utah, UT57%
RMWP Portland, OR56%
RMWP West Michigan, MI50%
RMWP Central Northern New Jersey, NJ50%
RMWP North Mississippi, MS44%
RMWP Central Valley, CA43%
RMWP San Antonio, TX42%
RMWP n Juan Guaynabo, Sa38%
RMWP Birmingham, AL33%

Events with less than 2 total registered participants are not shown here.

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