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Top 10 Events By FB $ Raised

RMWP Lane County, OR$5,175
RMWP Birmingham, AL$1,850
RMWP Philadelphia, PA$1,225
RMWP Northern California, CA$1,195
RMWP Los Angeles, CA$930
RMWP Twin Cities, MN$870
RMWP Portland, OR$762
RMWP New Orleans, LA$695
RMWP Columbus, OH$470
RMWP Greater Berks-Lehigh Valley, PA$460

Top 10 Events By FB Dashboard Activation %

RMWP Lane County, OR83%
RMWP Wisconsin, WI67%
RMWP Philadelphia, PA50%
RMWP Arkansas, AR50%
RMWP Los Angeles, CA50%
RMWP Orange County, CA50%
RMWP Southwest Louisiana, LA44%
RMWP Twin Cities, MN40%
RMWP Canton Akron, OH33%
RMWP Greater Berks-Lehigh Valley, PA29%

Events with less than 2 total registered participants are not shown here.

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Data Last Updated 5/17/2021
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