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More Facebook = More FUNds
2022 Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Events
New York
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Top 10 Events By FB $ Raised

MSABC Albany, NY$1,990
MSABC Westchester, NY$810
MSABC Long Island, NY$718
MSABC Central Park, NY$545
MSABC Staten Island, NY$295
MSABC Utica, NY$240
MSABC Hudson Valley, NY$218
MSABC Buffalo, NY$150
MSABC Rochester, NY$125
MSABC Syracuse, NY$100

Top 10 Events By FB Dashboard Activation %

MSABC Buffalo, NY23%
MSABC Albany, NY14%
MSABC Westchester, NY14%
MSABC Brooklyn, NY12%
MSABC Hudson Valley, NY9%
MSABC Staten Island, NY8%
MSABC Rochester, NY7%
MSABC Long Island, NY5%
MSABC Central Park, NY4%

Events with less than 25 total registered participants are not shown here.

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Data Last Updated 4/27/2022
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