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2021 Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Events




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Top 10 Events By FB $ Raised

MSABC Tampa, FL$39,271
MSABC Westchester, NY$35,319
MSABC Phoenix, AZ$31,799
MSABC Chicago, IL$29,792
MSABC Albany, NY$28,405
MSABC Sarasota Manatee, FL$28,341
MSABC Providence, RI$26,407
MSABC Staten Island, NY$26,378
MSABC Detroit, MI$23,896
MSABC Hudson Valley, NY$23,475

Top 10 Events By FB Dashboard Activation %

MSABC Myrtle Beach, SC30%
MSABC Marathon VL, FL26%
MSABC Utica, NY25%
MSABC Ocean City, MD24%
MSABC Wichita, KS23%
MSABC South Central PA, PA23%
MSABC Northern Vermont, VT22%
MSABC TriState Area, VA22%
MSABC Southern Vermont, VT22%
MSABC Damariscotta, ME22%

Events with less than 25 total registered participants are not shown here.

The American Cancer Society’s mission is to save lives, celebrate lives, and lead the fight for a world without cancer.

Data Last Updated 10/13/2021
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