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Top 10 Events By FB $ Raised

MSABC Snohomish County, WA$6,710
MSABC Phoenix, AZ$6,067
MSABC Sarasota Manatee, FL$5,720
MSABC Las Vegas, NV$5,528
MSABC Detroit, MI$4,955
MSABC Nashville, TN$4,358
MSABC Silicon Valley, CA$3,455
MSABC Boston, MA$3,448
MSABC District of Columbia, DC$3,378
MSABC Greenville, SC$3,335

Top 10 Events By FB Dashboard Activation %

MSABC Merrillville, IN46%
MSABC Northern Vermont, VT39%
MSABC St Louis, MO35%
MSABC The Adirondacks, NY35%
MSABC Anchorage, AK33%
MSABC Oklahoma City, OK33%
MSABC Greenville, SC33%
MSABC Corpus Christi, TX30%
MSABC Snohomish County, WA29%
MSABC New Orleans, LA29%

Events with less than 25 total registered participants are not shown here.

The American Cancer Society’s mission is to save lives, celebrate lives, and lead the fight for a world without cancer.

Data Last Updated 7/10/2020
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