More Facebook = More Funds

Why Facebook Fundraising?

Facebook Fundraising is one of the most successful individual fundraising tactics one can use to save lives in the fight against cancer. Activation is simple and easy through your participant fundraising dashboard. On average, connected fundraisers raise over $150 through Facebook Fundraising. Connect your participant dashboard to Facebook today by following the easy steps available on the resources page.

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Top 5 Events By Facebook FUNds Raised 2022 

Relay For Life

RFL Canton and Plymouth, MI$3,055
RFL Stockton University, NJ$3,045
RFL Jaguar Nation, KS$3,045
RFL North Tampa, FL$3,040
RFL Greater Danbury, CT$3,038

Making Strides

MSABC Central, PA$3,018
MSABC Anchorage, AK$2,925
MSABC Wichita, KS$2,817
MSABC Corpus Christi, TX$2,745
MSABC Great Lakes Bay Region, MI$2,649

Real Men Wear Pink

RMWP New Orleans, LA$2,924
RMWP Greater Berks-Lehigh Valley, PA$2,893
RMWP The Midlands, SC$2,881
RMWP Philadelphia, PA$2,823
RMWP Denver Metro, CO$2,739


HERS Tennessee, TN$2,883
HERS Illinois, IL$2,721
HERS Silicon Valley Bay Area, CA$2,539
HERS Twin Cities, MN$2,172
HERS Las Vegas, NV$1,885

Endurance Series

DN World Marathon Challenge, IL$3,046
DN Boilermaker Road Race, NY$2,549
DN Grandma's Marathon and Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon, IL$2,340
RUN Run For Dad, NJ$2,044
DN Monumental Marathon, IN$1,770

Community Events

CFP Bluefin Benefit Battle, ME$2,840
GALA Lafayette Black and White Gala, AL$2,485
GALA Cure By Design Gala, LA$2,110
CFP Hope Lodge Heroes, IA$2,055
GALA ABOA Austin, TX$2,029


Photo of Karen

Meet Karen from Alabama

“I set up the facebook fundraiser through my ACS dashboard on Jan 20th . In 16 days raised $800 all from new donors. I didn’t have to share my personal story because it copied it from ACS fundraising page. When people would donate, I would post on the fundraising page on FB a thank you, tagging them in the post. I also would let people know how far I was from my $1,000 goal and asked them to help me get there. Every time I posted on the fundraising FB page, it would post to my timeline and more people would see it. It was pretty easy!”
– Karen W., Relay For Life of Decatur, AL participant.

Photo of Rhonda

Meet Rhonda from Texas

After linking her Facebook to her Relay For Life Dashboard, she raised over $400 in 24 hours.

“Facebook fundraising wasn’t something I’ve ever utilized as I don’t get on Facebook very often. During a training I was attending, we were all challenged to connect our Relay For Life dashboard to our Facebook pages. I was shocked when I raised $400. I received donations from people that I would not have asked for donations in another way. Facebook Fundraising will help us save more lives from cancer.”
– Rhonda C., Relay For Life of Southeast Harris County, TX participant.

Photo of Rhonda

Meet Lara from Illinois

“Why Facebook fundraising? I had asked myself this question last year. I created my Facebook fundraiser simply to make sure I knew what I was talking about when I was asking others to create their own, since I was the Event lead. I decided to invite about 10 people at a time and did my fundraising in short time frames about 48 hours. One of the most successful fundraisers that I did was over Mother’s Day Weekend. I asked for any donation in honor, celebration or memory of your mother. I also did one for Father’s day. With this push, I invited more people for each individual fundraiser. With my Facebook fundraising efforts, I managed to raise about $1200 in last year’s fundraising season, with $600 of it from people I would have never asked for a donation. My Facebook friends made a believer out of me. This year, I plan to be a little more creative of my fundraisers….maybe in honor of your dog or cat???”
– Lara G., Relay For Life of Macon County, IL participant.

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Data Last Updated 1/25/2023
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